About Us

Service Directories, founded in 2015 is a well known web marketing company that specializes in providing highly effective marketing solutions specifically designed for legal professionals and law firms. We have a focus, on delivering excellence which has allowed us to establish a significant presence in the legal marketing field. Our advantage lies in our extensive understanding and skill across various platforms, which we leverage to boost visibility and create a significant influx of leads for our legal clients through online engagement.

Recognizing a niche in the market our management team, comprised of individuals who share a passion for Golden Retrievers took the lead in creating a website. We were driven by the desire to provide a space for Golden Retriever owners and enthusiasts. By understanding their needs and interests we aimed to establish a platform that not only resonates with them but also serves as an all encompassing resource for everything related to Golden Retrievers.

Our specialized website called “Golden Retrievers Rule” stands as evidence of our unwavering dedication to this niche. It features a blog that covers topics related to Golden Retrievers such, as their health and well being exercise routines, grooming tips and general care advice. Aside, from the content we have put together an assortment of more than 1,500 products centered around Golden Retrievers. These products include accessories and apparel that are thoughtfully chosen to cater to the preferences and interests of Golden Retriever enthusiasts. Therefore we offer an one stop destination, for those who deeply adore this breed.

Please enjoy the site and all that it has to offer.